What to Expect

We are different, and we are proud of it. Come Join The Movement.

This is how scheduling works
  1. All scheduling will take place on this website, under the page entitled “Schedule Now.” Once you decide that we are the right fit for you, you will be provided clear choices for your scheduling needs. There will be options of different treatments, and if you are a new client you will choose “Initial Evaluation.” (if you are a member of Five Rivers Crossfit or Crossfit 423, then choose the appropriate option that is entitled) After you input your personal information and schedule your visit you will be provided an email confirming your appointment time and place. You will also be provided a link in your email that will take you to a page where you can fill out all of your medical history and intake paperwork online! If you choose to do print versions, you can print these yourself or you can contact us and we will provide you with paper copies.​​
  2. You do offer treatment packages if you want to secure your time slots and ensure that you will be able to get the treatment that you need in the coming weeks.
  3. ​After you had your initial evaluation, you will then choose a “follow-up visit” and this will allow you to schedule accordingly.
  4. ​If you are seeking recovery sessions (20 minutes in duration) you will choose that option during your scheduling.
  5. If you desire to have dry needling as apart of your recovery sessions, it is required that you do an “Initial Evaluation” in order to medically deem you appropriate and safe for this procedure.
  6. Reach out for more information and details.
Accessing your intake paperwork

After you schedule an appointment, you will be sent an email with a special passcode. You then click the link in your email and plug in the passcode that was provided to you. You can now fill out all questions and details on the paperwork. There will be a few documents that we ask for you complete. It is very important that you take time to accurately and descriptively complete all paperwork as this will give us proper expectations and awareness before your arrive to our facility; if you do not accurately complete the paperwork it will take extra time to do this during your treatment rather than spending time on getting you back to your beloved activities. There will be a few pieces of paperwork that you will be asked to complete, and this is done in order to allow us to create the proper plan and program to get you moving and keep you there.

Getting to our facility

We are located at 2813 West Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown, TN 37814. You will arrive at Fountain Plaza and you will drive to the left side of the building and towards the back side. You will enter the door that has stairs with it on the left side of the building and you will come into the second door on the LEFT side after you enter the building. You are now at the location! We are located inside of a gym, and we do this because we truly know what is best in terms of movement and pain reduction. I will meet you inside of the gym and show you to the clinic location where we can then chat and proceed with the initial evaluation.

This is what your treatment session will look like

We will first take time to truly understand what is going on with you, and what goals you may have for yourself. Please tell us any and all information that you know about your situation, REMEMBER: all questions are good questions and the more information we know from you, the better your recovery process! This is extremely important in our procedure as it sets up your treatment program. When we get into the movement assessment phase of your treatment, we will need you to be in appropriate movement attire. Please wear outfits that allow for access to your skin and location of pain, we will be performing manual therapy (hands on work). Also wear outfits that will allow for movement and exercise. We do not recommend jeans, khakis, or formal attire. We do have bathrooms and curtains that allow for you to change clothes if needed.

Once we have looked at your movement, motor control, pain areas, joint and soft tissue mobility, then we will proceed with treatment. This will be in the form of manual therapy, stretching, motor control and strength exercises. We may also implement dry needling, IASTM, and active recovery with our state-of-the-art Compex Sport Elite electrical stimulation to help reduce soreness and discomfort while also improving strength.

Each treatment session will be held for 60 minutes, unless you choose recovery sessions that are 20 minutes in duration. After your session is completed, you will be asked to complete very specific and purposeful exercises at home. We will attempt to also provide a picture or video of these.

Subsequent treatment sessions will build upon the prior session, so expect to see some changes for exercises, repetitions, manual therapy techniques during each follow-up visit. This is how we will progress you to getting back to your beloved activities.

Access to us inside and outside of the clinic

Between visits you will have access to your therapist. You will be provided with a phone number, email, and access to secure messaging portal on our scheduling website. We can also arrange a “FaceTime” meeting if you desire. We want to provide high quality care to you, and we will do this by teaming up with you inside of the clinic AND outside of the clinic (Yes, we are DIFFERENT from other clinics). When you leave our facility, you are not actually leaving your therapist. We are here to help you and take care of your neuromusculoskeletal needs. Feel free to contact us at any time, and if we do not answer or reply immediately, then we will contact you as soon as we can without any delay. We are a family and team.

Maintenance care, prehab, prevention, and continued treatment over time

Many people desire to continue seeing us after they recover from their pain or movement dysfunction. This is called a “maintenance program” and it entails bi-yearly, quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly visits. During those visits, we will cover your prior programming, any movement faults you may have, detailed accessory work to aid your traditional programming, soft tissue work and therapeutic massage, dry needling if indicated, and much more.

We offer referral incentives when you send your family and friends to see us

If you refer a friend, relative, or co-worker to us and they come to their initial evaluation, then you will receive a % discounted treatment session that you can use within the following month after their visit.

We ask that you PLEASE tell your friends and family about us, it will help us grow and provide more care to people that truly need it. It will allow us to help reduce unnecessary surgery, pain medication, and multiple trips to their doctor’s office.

Cancel and reschedule policy

We ask that you re-schedule or cancel your appointment 48-72 hours in advance so that we can treat people that can work in that time slot. We have a lot of individuals seeking our care and we want to be able to give that to them if you cannot make your allotted time. We ask that you minimize these instances as it affects us and yourself during your recovery process.

We do impose a cancellation fee of $50 if you cancel or no-show your appointment 24 hours or less before your set appointment time.